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Small Tankless Water Heater: A Buyer’s Guide
Finding an excellent small portable water heater is a challenge that a lot of people who need hot water face. Some need it for camping trips; others need it because they are going someplace far and remote and are not sure whether they have heaters there. Whatever the case might be, people need something small and portable that they can use to heat water.

There are plenty of different products out there that can satisfy the needs of a person for hot water. Finding the right one is all about learning ones needs and matching it with the right kind of product. Below are a few of my own recommended devices.

Immersion Heaters

The True Small Portable Water HeaterThe smallest portable device that I use for heating water is an immersion heater. An immersion heater takes its name from how it heats water. The immersion heater has a small metal component. A person simply has to dip the metal component into the water in order to heat the liquid, hence immersion heater.

This device is what I would recommend for people who want to heat say a cup of water for coffee, tea or whatever floats your boat. This thing takes around five minutes in order for it to heat a single cup of water.If you plan on getting one of these then I strongly recommend that you look for a model that has an auto volt feature, meaning it will work for a socket that is either 110 volts, which is what we use here in the good old USA, or 220 volts, which is what some other countries use.

Mugs That Double As Heaters
There are these nifty little mugs that actually double as heaters. More often than not, these products plug right into the car lighter socket. It is meant for the type of person who finds little time to heat their morning cup of coffee and need to do it on the go.These things are quite nifty as they fit very well into my cup holder whilst heating the content.

Try A Kettle If Not A Mug
I bring them all the time for trips where I know it will be very useful. I mean, the mug or the immersion heater might be smaller examples of a portable device for heating water, but neither of them can heat as much water as quickly as this electronic kettle device is capable of doing.

Finding A Small Tankless Water Heater For A Shower
Tankless shower heaters are not as small as the devices that I listed above, but considering what they give me, they are indeed great and helpful. In fact, some people who like to live somewhere extreme and off the grid can’t live without these things.Before buying a small portable water heater for a shower, I strongly urge you to browse through the internet do some background check on the product to see if it really works and how dependable it really is.

Pro's And Con's​​
The traditional type of water heater is one that holds a tank of water and heats this water for use whenever it is needed. This hot water sits in the tank and when it is used, more water is added in order to heat it for more uses down the line. This way there is always hot water on hand. The On Demand Water Heater makes this same hot water available but without the huge water tank. These units involve a water pipe going through the On Demand Water Heater and an electric element or gas burner will heat the water as it flows through.

This process of the On Demand Water Heater gives hot water only when it is needed. This will avoid the heat loss that you get from the traditional type of water heater. This heat loss is from the water sitting in the tank and not being used. When you start your faucet on hot water, you will feel cold water come out first and then hot water shortly thereafter. This is the heat loss that the On Demand Water Heater will eliminate. With this unit, you will turn on your hot water tap and actually have hot water on your first drip.

Getting rid of this heat loss is a major benefit of the On Demand Water Heater but there also is a drawback to having this type of unit. If you have a large family and there is a lot of consumption of hot water throughout the day from washing dishes or taking showers, this heater will be pushed to its limits. These units typically will supply two to five gallons of hot water per minute. The gas fired units will produce more than the electric units but with the constant use, even the largest On Demand Water Heater will have trouble keeping up. Installing two units will cure this problem.

Rheem is a very popular brand for purchasing an On Demand Water Heater. A popular model that they make available is the Rheem EcoSense On Demand Water Heater. This water heater is a direct vent indoor gas tankless water heater that will cost around $845.33 depending on the supplier that you purchase it from. This model has continuous hot water, it is very compact and has an energy efficient design as well as a precise temperature control. It would be the perfect water heater for a medium size family that will get the job done.

Update: 07/05/2017​​


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